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Murathan Toktaş
Mechanical Engineer
Tkare Engineering – Managing Director

He asked himself the following question in his childhood; “Why don’t we build our own cars?” At that age, he revealed the only alternative in choosing our profession. In the process where our country will produce its own automobile, the desire to be a part of this process is actually the founding principle of Tkare Engineering.

Murathan Toktaş, a graduate of Dumlupınar University Mechanical Engineering, started his career in 2000.

Murathan TOKTAŞ, who started his career as a Mold Design Specialist at Şahinkul Otomatçılık A.Ş., later worked for 6 years in positions such as Mold Process Specialist, Molding Shop Engineer, Machining Manager, Engineering Manager. Subsequently, he worked as a Mold Design and Process Specialist at Tofaş A.Ş

Murathan Toktaş has 20 years of experience. He has been working as the General Manager of Tkare Engineering, which sets the standards in the sector since its establishment for the first 10 years in professional business life and in the last 10 years.

Murathan TOKTAŞ is married and has two daughters. He speaks English, German and Italian

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