We combine our training services under the T-Academy brand in order to both take part in the development of individuals and companies and contribute to the national economy.

Catia V5 Trainings

  • Basic Cad Training
  • Basic Surface Development Training
  • Advanced Cad Training
  • Advanced Surface Development Training

General Tool&Die Training

Die Design Training

  • Opening Cutting Die Design Training
  • Tensile Die Design Training
  • Cutting Die Design training
  • Caliber – Bending Die Design training
  • Cam Die Design Training
    • Horizontal Cams
    • Flying Cams
    • Counter Cam Die
    • Rotary Cam Die
    • Ground Double Cam Units (In-Cam Cam Mechanisms)
    • Glass in Pad Applications (Cams working on the Print / Pad)
    • Pipe Cam Applications
  • Progressive Belt Design Development Training
  • Progressive Die Design Training

Transfer Tool&Die Training

  • Transfer Process Development Training
  • Transfer Die Design training
  • Transfer Systems Development / Analysis Training

Fineblanking Die Design Training

  • Fineblanking Process Development Training
  • Fineblanking Die Design Training

3D Process – Methodenplan Training

Development Training

  • Tensile Surface Development Training
  • Cutting Surfaces and Contours Development Training
  • Bending Surfaces Development Training

Feasibility, Feasibility, Manufacturability Analysis Training

Forming Simulations, Reading Results and Eveluation Result Training

Parametric Tool&Die Design Training

Apparatus / Fixture Design Training

Machine Design Training

Technical Drawing Reading / Creation Training

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance Training

On-Site Training Services

Expressus Software Training

Pam Stamp Software Training

Engineering Documentation Training

  • Feasibility Reporting
  • Creating a Simulation Report
  • Preparing Suggestion Form
  • 2D Process Reporting
  • Force Calculation / Reporting
  • Press Moment Calculations
  • Process Control Forms
  • Design Control Forms

Engineering Process Management Training

Power Tools & Stamping Tools Training on Ford Motor Company / Catia V5

Carisma Software Training on BMW / Catia V5

Target is zero error.