Expressus (Die Kinematics)

EXPRESSUS (Die Kinematics) Turkey Distributor

Die Kinematics
Tkare Engineering has became the only dealer of Japanese Die Kinematics program “EXPRESSUS” software since April 2014.
Exclusive Distributorship of Expressus Software in Europe and India together with Türkiye was given to Tkare Engineering.

Thanks to Expressus;

During design phase; the under press kinematic simulation of dies has being done, we can analyze if there is any interference or faulty operating status. If it’s asked press synchronization with the die can be installed and you can simulate transfer and cross bar applications. This means that during the design, you can be sure your die is working properly and you can start manufacturing process.

You can stop the simulation in a desired point of kinematic simulation, you can section from anywhere you would like and you can make measurements, initiations between die instruments or you can analyze the connection between die instruments.

During the simulation of transfer dies, you can determine the reflections of press speed to your die and you can confirm part production in optimum speed even during design phase.