Quality Policy

As TKare Engineering team,

team, we’re aware of the fact that being a pioneer, successful company in its sector for providing the correct solutions for our customers, is trough implementing quality management systems and continuous improvement.


For this reason we, as TKare Engineering;

  • We perceive the customer satisfaction as the basis of our business. For this reason, we uphold principles of mutual benefit, speed, and quality, innovative and result-oriented approaches for developing solutions in the services we provide to our customers.
  • For all the services we provide for our customers, we care utmost for information security guidelines and we base on privacy on data transfers.
  • In all steps from product design to die manufacturing, designs and services we provide, we follow the technology closely, we do necessary investments for continuous evolve and we provide the right solutions for our customers.
  • We see the employee satisfaction as the key of high quality service provision and we value their advices. This is why, we provide our employees a peaceful work environment, training and career opportunities.
  • We’re in the side of long-term cooperation For this reason, we provide the necessary support to our suppliers that we take service to get them close to our vision.

General Manager 

Murathan TOKTAŞ

Information Security Corporate Policy

We accept information security , unity and readiness when necessary as a major component of TKARE service quality.
TKARE aims to provide security of all information assets particularly in physical and electronic terms for the aim of continuous basic work activities and customer commitments.
TKARE Information Security Management System; includes all workers using information system infrastructure and users that can reach information assets as a third party.

With this policy Tkare guarantees;

  • The information is protected against unauthorized access,
  • The information privacy is provided at top level,
  • The authorized users can reach information when it’s necessary,
  • All workers took information security training and all lack of information security and suspected points are reported to the appropriate people,
  • Fully comply with legal and agreement conditions,